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On our eshop, you will find unique pieces that are designed and produced in Hellas. All the fabrics and the raw materials we are using are coming only from European suppliers ensuring the stringiest safety rules and standards are met while we are only using local production lines and not any third country, cheap, mass production facility to enable us to observe every step of the production process and guarantee the absolute quality of the final product to carry our brand name.

Many of our dresses have handmade embroidery matching the style and color. Our pool of inspiration lies with our clients whom we listen very carefully to ensure that our products are always following the latest fashion trends, have a very good fit and are commercially fast moving. Our collection always follows the style and colors in fashion but at the same time, takes into serious consideration the taste and needs of the final consumer, your customer! Our collection consists of two lines of dresses. One line with sizes from Small to XL and a second line with a few modern pieces in sizes from No XL up to No 6XL .

Our clothes unveil the feminine side of each woman following the natural curves of the female body, each and every move and gets true, wearing one of our dresses you transmit egotisms and pure beauty. That is what our clothes aim to do for you. They are extremely popular with ages between 25 and 55 and with every one feeling always a woman. The details in the embroidery are unique for every dress underlining its value and individuality. Thaw in turn, improves significantly the quantity/price factor and allows a profitable sale.

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